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Real Estate Legal Services in Alexandria, VA

Buying, owning, building, and managing property is a varied and detail-oriented practice. It requires a great deal of knowledge and insight to make sure it is an endeavor that goes smoothly for you. Transactions require dedicated real estate legal services in Alexandria, VA, founded upon the skills of an experienced team, like the one you will find at Brincefield Hartnett, PC.

Our primary areas of practice are real estate and related civil litigation. In February 2007, we merged our then existing firm (Brincefield Hartnett, PC) with Rich Rosenthal Manitta Dzubin & Kroeger, LLP to form Rich Rosenthal Brincefield Manitta Dzubin & Kroeger, LLP, ( and we co-located our offices at 201 North Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Serving a Growing Market

The condominium market grows larger by the day, and it doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping or slowing. Thanks to this exponential growth it has spawned its own niche within the legal field, and it’s one in which we are well-versed. For assistance with condominium law issues, feel free to contact us right away.

Providing Help in Times of Need

It’s a fact of life that sometimes things do not go as smoothly as they should or as you hoped. For those times, it’s best to have a team by your side that has the skills to help you through any homeowners’ association disputes that may crop up. We can handle those and also apply our expertise to landlord-tenant disputes just as easily.

We not only work with residential real estate clients, but we also handle commercial real estate law matters as well. So, for whatever type of real estate legal assistance you need, whether it’s a simple matter or complex one, we are ready to help you. Reach out to our firm today, and let’s get started.

Contact our office to learn more about how we can help you. We are proud to serve clients in Alexandria, VA, and the surrounding area.

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