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Colecroft Condos Gain Settlement from Developer

By Peter Chisolm
The Alexandria Gazette Packet

An Alexandria condominium association sued its builder, a local development company, and won a $860,000 settlement June 19.

The Colecroft Station Condominium Association sued AAA Limited Partnership, a subsidiary of Abramson Properties of Alexandria, for $1.2 million.

The condominium association. representing unit owners, said Abramson refused to correct faulty workmanship and other flaws requiring repairs which began to surface soon after the building was first occupied in 1989.

Walter Pierce, president of the owners’ association, said his board tried to get Abramson to make repairs. “They made a minimal effort to repair the simplest items,” Pierce said.

Paul Abramson, a partner of Abramson Properties, said, “Our dispute is resolved and we have no further liability.”

Beau Brincefield. attorney for the Colecroft Station Condominium Owners Association said the roof was damaged by water collecting against a chimney on the 156 unit development because Abramson did not install “crickets,” triangular devices that divert water around a chimney.

Concrete balconies were cracked and steel reinforcement rusted, and workers neglected to apply water sealant, Brincefield said.

An expansion beam separating the east and west buildings suffered water damage because a waterproof sealant was improperly applied, Pierce said.

Owners’ vehicles parked below the beam in the garage were damaged because of soluble salts in the water which dripped onto them.

Pierce said owners are pleased with the settlement. The board will meet June 22 to decide whether a special assessment will be necessary to pay for attorneys’ fees and to cover the $250,000 shortfall between the settlement and the estimated cost of repairs.

Last year, the association reduced its assessments 2 percent, and assessments remained flat in 1995.

“We are probably the only condo association in the country which has not increased fees,” Pierce said.

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