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Our Philosophy

Outstanding Real Estate Law Firm

We are more than just an effective and aggressive real estate law firm. We have the knowledge and experience to represent our clients against even the largest firms in the most complex matters. Mr. Brincefield and the firm have been awarded the coveted AV rating by the pre-eminent Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. This is the highest rating awarded to real estate attorneys and is shared by only 7% of the law firms in the United States.

What makes us stand out the most, however, is the unique way in which we focus on our clients’ goals and needs. We care about our clients and their experience with the legal system, and we strive to help them make the best of an unfamiliar and sometimes difficult situation. From the moment a new client walks into our offices, the client’s goals and needs drive everything we do. Instead of taking control away, we empower our clients to make their own legal decisions through a continuous process of discussing each client’s goals and then recommending creative and cost-effective means to attain them. We call this a “client-centered” approach to the practice of law.

Beginning with the very first consultation, we focus on identifying our client’s aims and how our client will measure the success of our efforts. Once we thoroughly understand– from our client’s perspective–the job to be done, we identify and explain the full range of legal and practical tools that we believe will get the job done. Armed with that knowledge, our client then decides the approach to be used, and work begins.

After our work begins, we keep on listening. The ever-changing nature of legal matters demand that both we and our clients continuously monitor both the strategies we choose and the cost-effectiveness of the services we provide. For us to adapt and respond effectively to changing circumstances as cases develop, we ask our client for input on a regular basis. To give us this information, our clients must be kept informed of the case’s progress, and so we regularly send them copies of all important case documents, as well as detailed statements about the nature and cost of the work we are doing. Over the entire course of our representation, we continue to listen carefully to our clients to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible with the legal process, and that we are meeting their needs, and that they are fully satisfied with our services.

To sum up our practice philosophy: we don’t try to take control away from our clients. We do our level best to continuously empower our clients to make informed choices about the best and most economical ways to achieve their own unique legal and practical goals.

We believe that, through this client-centered approach, we help our clients to better manage their own affairs during stressful times, to develop and maintain a realistic assessment of their situation as it evolves, to maximize their chances of accomplishing what they want to accomplish in hiring a law firm, and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Our clients seem to like our client-centered approach to the practice of law, and we hope that you will too.

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